FCA/FCS: What is the purpose of FCA / FCS

The purpose of FCA / FCS is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in Cascade High School.  We believe the Jesus Christ is the Son of God (that He is fully God and fully man), that the Word of God, the Bible, is the revealed Word of God. We believe that we are called to Love God and to Love our neighbor.  We believe we are live a life of righteousness and serve our community. 
In our club, we strive to do four activities to disciple students: 
1. We share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Evangelize the lost.
2. We teach the Bible to the students in devotions in club meetings or before games to encourage our teams and students. 
3. We have activities during the year to encourage fellowship and opportunities to invite new kids.
     a. 5th Quarters (After game fellowships)
     b. See You at the Pole"
4. We look for ways to serve our school and communities. 
     a. Bible Give Away
     b. Food and Material Give Away
FCA Statement of Faith: 
See You at the Pole 2021