How to Enroll

New students will need the following items:


1. Student Transcript:  An unofficial copy of the student’s transcript (a record of all classes taken and the credits received) and/or a last report card.


2. Withdrawal:  Student must withdrawal from previous school.


3. Immunization Record:  Immunization record transferred to a permanent Tennessee Certificate of Immunization. If transferring from another Tennessee school, a copy of the certificate will suffice. If transferring from out of state, a copy of the health/shot record must be transferred to the certificate by his or her doctor, or by the county health department.


4. Proof of residency:  A utility bill with custodial parents’ names and address (phone and cable bills are not accepted). If parent lives with someone else, they must obtain an affidavit form from the guidance secretary and have it notarized.


5. Proof of Custody / Birth certificate:  If parents are divorced or separated, a copy of custody or parenting plan is required with the birth certificate.


6. Special Services:  If student receives Special Education Services, a copy of a current IEP is required.