How to Enroll


New students transferring to Cascade High School will need ALL of the following items:


  • Proof of Residency. Proof that you live in Bedford county and are zoned for Cascade High School.
  • An unofficial copy of the student’s transcript (a record of all classes taken and the credit received) and a last report card.
  • Immunization record on a TN Immunization form. If transferring from another state, a copy of the health/shot record MUST be transferred to a TN form by either the student’s doctor or by the Bedford County Health Department.
  • Physical Examination – must be within one year of the date of enrollment.
  • Birth Certificate. A copy of the student’s birth certificate is required to enroll.
  • Proof of identification from Parent/Guardian.
  • Proof of Custody. If parents are divorced or separated, a copy of the custody agreement or parenting plan is required.
  • Student Services: If the student receives Special Education Services, a copy of the current IEP is required. If a student receives 504 services, a copy of the current 504 is required.



Bedford County Health Department

140 Dover Street, Shelbyville



Bedford County Board of Education

500 Madison Street, Shelbyville