Algebra II / Algebra II Honors Supply List

Sudduth Algebra II Supply List Fall 2023 / Spring 2024


A 1.5: or larger three ring binder, used exclusively for Algebra II
Loose leaf notebook paper
5 dividers
Writing Utensils
NOTE:  Spiral paper /  notebooks are not allowed and don't work for this class.
Supplementary Materials - Optional
$5 Classroom fee
Colored gel or ink pens, highlighters, colored pencils - whatever works for you.  We often use color in our notes.
A ruler for use as a straight edge, at least 6” long, I suggest one with holes to clip into 3 ring binder or a 6” ruler AND a pencil pouch that clips into binder.
Colored gel or ink pens that don’t bleed through and dry quickly – The workbooks provided with the SAVVAS materials have very thin pages.



In class, students will be provided a TI NSpire CX calculator to utilize (they cannot be removed from the room).  This model works on both the Tennessee State EOC and the ACT (not the TI Nspire CAS - this model is NOT allowed on either!).  Some students choose to have their own calculator but we will have one in class and will also utilize a website for most activities.