EOC Testing Starts Tuesday, April 27th

Next Tuesday, April 27th, will start our EOC testing. The following tests will be given April 27th-April 30th:
-Tuesday, April 27th: English I and English II Subpart 1- 8:30-9:55, US History Subpart 1- 10:20-11:05, Makeup Testing- 1:00-3:00

-Wednesday, April 28th: English I and English II Subpart 2- 8:30-9:20, US History Subpart 2- 9:45-10:30, Makeup Testing- 1:00-3:00

-Thursday, April 29th: English I and English II Subpart 3- 8:30-10:05, Makeup Testing- 1:00-3:00

-Friday, April 30th: Makeup Testing
The week of May 3rd-7th will be our Math and Biology EOC tests, in which we will be sending out the schedule/posting on our website next week.
EOC testing is only given in-person. Virtual students that are in the classes that are being tested will need to test during the testing times unless arrangements are made before testing starts by e-mailing Mrs. White, our testing coordinator, Mr. Pope, our assistant principal, and/or calling the school at 931-389-9394. Once EOC testing is over for a particular day, virtual students may leave through the front office and resume classes via TEAMS.
Students that are not EOC testing on a particular day will still have classes throughout the school day.