2021 Volleyball Season has come to an end

2021 Volleyball Team
This 2021 Volleyball season has been an absolute breathtaking season.  For only being a 2-year program the Lady Champions looked as if they had played together for several years.  They have had some struggles, but they always managed to pull through each obstacle with a strong and dedicated attitude.  With our record of 7-3 for our league and 11-5 overall, you would not think the Lady Champions fought as hard as they did.  This record does not even come close to telling the story of how these Champions play and have worked as hard as they have to be 2nd in district.  A 2-year program and placing 2nd in district is beyond amazing for these Lady Champions.  They have shown their hard work and dedication to their coaches, parents, school, and even their fans.  They have represented Cascade High School with honor.
At the beginning of the season they lost players due to injuries which led into players learning brand new positions in a very short period of time.  Some players had to learn in a matter of a couple weeks to be ready for their next game.  But with these ladies you couldn't tell they were learning different positions/techniques.  They all stepped up and gave it their all to help the team.  They had freshman that had to step up and play varsity, change their defense game by game, change line-ups right at game time, and even change defense in the middle of a set.  But these ladies never missed a beat.  They are truly the champions that they wear on their jerseys.  They each worked hard to become better and their coaches could not be prouder of each one on the team.
With their season coming to an end, they are sure going to miss their seniors; Caroline McKamey and Lauryn Matthews.  These two have brought so much joy on and off the court that it is hard for any coach to say good bye to.  They both brought down the house with kills and tips that got their opponents head spinning.  They have been able to dig up balls that no one would think anyone could get to.  Coaches famous words on the bench were, "How in the world did they get there?" They reached out to build other players up when they were down.  They acted as the true seniors that they are of being examples to their younger classmates.  The coaches hope that the younger classmates have learned a few things from both these seniors to carry on for years to come.
Join us on October 5th at 5:30 for the District Tournament.  It is located on our home territory.  Let's show these girls all the support they deserve for the hard work they have done all season.